Covid-19: Oxford business group analyzes the mobilization of Moroccan industry

In collaboration with the Moroccan Agency for the Development of Investments and Exports (AMDIE), the economic intelligence firm Oxford business group publishes a report highlighting the general mobilization of Moroccan industry in the face of the pandemic.

The strong actions of the Moroccan private sector in the global fight against the Covid-19 pandemic and in favor of economic recovery are analyzed in a new report entitled “Morocco Covid-19 Response Report (CRR)”, written by the Oxford business group ( OBG), in partnership with AMDIE.

The document analyzes in detail the way in which different branches of the economy, such as textiles, agri-food, the automotive and aeronautics industry, as well as the ICT and offshoring sector, have adapted their operations and collaborated with the public sector in order to to support the Kingdom in its efforts to mitigate the fallout from the health crisis.

The OBG report, which contains an interview with Minister of Industry Moulay Hafid Elalamy, also recounts how Morocco has managed to develop significant industrial capacities in order to produce essential goods, such as masks for the national market. and international, Covid-19 screening tests, and thus limit imports.

Finally, it highlights the role played by the food industry throughout the health crisis. It has managed to maintain a constant supply thanks to significant production capacities and strong value chains which have helped to limit disruptions.

On the digitization side, OBG analyzes the efforts made to accelerate the implementation of digital solutions and platforms to ensure the continuity of key services such as education, healthcare and public administration.

“In Morocco, the fight against the coronavirus has been characterized by a generalized mobilization of the industrial sector, a mobilization made possible by years of heavy investments and forward-looking strategies, such as the Industrial Acceleration Plan 2014-2020”, declared Andrew Jeffreys, CEO of OBG, on the occasion of the publication of the report.

Hicham Boudraa, acting director general of AMDIE, added that the massive mobilization of industrial players in the face of the pandemic throughout the Moroccan private sector had been crucial, as companies around the world reexamine their supply chains following the disruptions caused by the crisis.

“As the report indicates, the agility of Moroccan companies has highlighted Morocco’s potential as an industrial base ready to grow further, while reaffirming its advantageous geographical location close to Europe both for offshore activities and nearshore production and service provision, ”he said.

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