the necessary audit of the humanitarian aid of the European Union to the sequestrated of Tindouf

A motion for a resolution to audit Polisario’s use of European humanitarian aid since 2015 was submitted to the President of the European Parliament on Thursday 9 July.

Presented by several MEPs from various EU member states, the motion for a resolution calls on the European Union to work jointly with the United Nations to supervise a census of refugees from Tindouf camps in collaboration with the competent authorities in Algeria.

The draft resolution ‘also condemns the attitude of the Algerian authorities which levy a 5% tax on this aid and refuse to cooperate with the UNHCR to establish a transparent census and fight against the diversion of humanitarian aid by the Polisario Front’ ‘.

The MEPs who signed this motion for a resolution are motivating their initiative by the existence of a network for the diversion of humanitarian aid which has benefited from the generosity of the EU for several years, said aid amounting to 105 million euros. euros between 1994 and 2004.

A report by the European Anti-Fraud Office released to the public in 2015 reports massive and organized diversions for several years by Algeria and the Polisario of international humanitarian aid intended for the populations confined in the Tindouf camps in the Algerian southwest.

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