Human Rights: Nearly a Thousand Sahrawi NGOs Welcome an Area of Freedom Governed by a Credible Institutional and Legal Framework

A total of 925 Sahrawi NGOs active in the fields of human rights and development in the Moroccan Sahara have underlined the “normal character” of the situation of human rights in the southern provinces, welcoming “an area of freedom” governed by an evolving and credible institutional and legal framework. “As Sahrawi organizations operating freely on […]

European Parliament reacts to Tindouf Camps aid scandal: DEVE and CONT involved and MEP’s declarations

The Budgetary Control and Development Committees of the European Parliament are both actively involved in investigating the case of the Misappropriation of Humanitarian Aid to the Tindouf refugee camps in Southern Algeria, as reported in EUToday last week. A source within the European Parliament, speaking on strict condition of anonymity, confirmed last week that “the […]