Morocco has made extraordinary efforts in managing the Covid-19 pandemic

Since the beginning of the health crisis, Morocco is under the direct supervision of King Mohammed VI, is cited as an example by several international media for its anticipation, its reactivity and its mobilization both citizen and professional.

After successfully completing the first stage, Morocco moves to the 2nd phase of the sanitary containment relief plan

Indeed, with the exception of the cities of Tangier Asilah, Marrakech, Larache and Kénitra, normal activity will gradually resume, in all the other regions and provinces, taking into account, of course, all measures of health security and prevention recommended by the competent authorities in order to fight against the spread of the new coronavirus.

The decor of this recovery promises to reopen this Thursday cafes and restaurants, after more than three months of closure. This will allow the regulars of these spaces to have a coffee or sip a mint tea in their favorite corners. This stage is also marked by the resumption of commercial activities in shopping centers, large shopping complexes and galleries, leisure and entertainment spaces.

Travel between cities, respecting the specificities of the zones, will be allowed with the gradual resumption of public passenger coach and tourist transport activities and the resumption of internal flights in the country. An opportunity for citizens to breathe and change their climate after more than three months of hardship.

In fact, after several weeks spent in confinement, what could be more beautiful than going on a trip, immersing yourself again in nature, reconnecting with the charm of the Moroccan coasts and immersing yourself in the splendor and richness of the architectural and cultural heritage of the country.

Other activities will respond this Thursday, including the reopening of hair and beauty salons, hammams. Thus, the country is on the way to return to normal life in practically all areas. In terms of health, the competent authorities have set up an integrated program aimed at relaunching health activities after the control of the coronavirus pandemic, to meet the needs of the population.

This means that the return to normal in hospitals, dispensaries and other health facilities, public or private, will be initiated.

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