Algeria: The more the dinar devalues, the sharper the blade

In addition to the horrors experienced by the Algerian people faced with health, social and economic repercussions; this people who deserves a good life is always bullied body and soul by this military-political-financial gente who has taken all the wealth of the country and all the powers.

After the bloody intervention of the commune of Tin Zaouatine (wilaya of Tamanrasset), today the power of El Moradia mobilized, as usual, the police against the people of Bejaïa who chanted slogans against the despots who only squander public funds, even if the socio-economic deficit continues to widen. surely these clashes would have caused victims that the Algerian media ignore.

No one disputes that the totalitarian Algerian regime always prefers the use of the logic of force to demonize, ostracize, tyrannized and even physically liquidate any citizen who opposes his cruel extractive policy which only benefits the centaurs of the palace. El moradia, their relatives and their acolytes.

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