Who benefits from donations dedicated to Tindouf refugees?

Once again Brahim Ghali is denounced. In fact, the forum for supporting the autonomists of Tindouf has drawn up a document on the files of the Polisario front (Brahim Ghali guilty of corruption). Spanish civil society is carrying out a collection of important humanitarian donations which will be dedicated to the Sahrawi refugees in Tindouf.

The question then arises as to whether the detainees in the Tindouf camps will benefit from it or, as usual, will they be shared by the entourage of Brahim Ghali who has married 23 times.

What fortunes has he accumulated to be able to support such a number of women; the sprawling fortune is so great that he did not even care about the 200 million Algerian dinar that his nephew stole from him.

How Brahim Ghali built permanent housing in Tindouf and Mheriz?

His wife is always on board brand new vehicles.

Her son does not hesitate to requisition vehicles from the Ministry of Defense.

The children of detainees, common to mortals, are all called to make war while those of his relatives are spared. moreover, this manager has enabled his children to pursue prestigious training abroad at the expense of marginalized Sahrawi youth.

Having occupied several positions of responsibility, Brahim Ghali has always exploited an enormous quantity of fuels, of which he sold a significant part with impunity in the north of Mauritania.

Since his arrival at the head of the front thanks to his mentor from the palace of El Mouradia, his brother Ali Ould Sayed El Mostapha has benefited from a significant amount of fuel per month which exceeds the amount reserved for all organizations on the front.

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