The international press praises the compulsory wearing of bibs to the Moroccan populations

The international press continues to praise the battle that the kingdom of Morocco is waging to avoid the evolution of the epidemic into a pandemic and to permanently illuminate the Covid-19.

This is the case of the electronic site (francetvinfo) which reminded the various measures taken and emphasized the compulsory wearing of bibs to all populations authorized to leave their homes in the event of extreme necessity. this compulsory wearing of bibs generalized to all is accompanied by a sentence of 300 and 1300 dirhams in addition to a sentence of 1 to 3 months in prison. But the Moroccan state asked the textile manufacturers to increase the production of these masks from 2.5 million to more than 3.5 million to reach more than 5 million flaps per day in cruising speed. These masks that meet global health security standards are sold in nearly 70,000 outlets, reports the French site. And to add these flaps are sold at affordable prices set at 0.80 cents and this thanks to the subsidy of the Moroccan government which had already created, under the high royal instructions, a special fund dedicated to the fight against the spread of Covid -19 and to offset its social and economic impact.

In addition, the Moroccan media give daily explanations to citizens in Arabic, Berber and French for an effective and efficient use of the bib without failing to recommend that the use of the bib for a few hours is strictly personal.

This vast communication operation continues (francetvinfo), concerns all the measures put in place by the competent Moroccan authorities whether it is isolation, sanitary confinement and those concerning the financial support of employers and employees in addition to living citizens with low, irregular or uncertain income in the context of this global crisis.

The French site insinuates that the Western powers, more developed than Morocco must follow in the footsteps of the kingdom of Morocco which shows commitment, prudence and vigilance continuously under the high recommendations of King Mohammed VI who grants this calamity the first priority as well as its social and economic repercussions.

You will find attached the article from francetvinfo.

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