Covid-19: Temporary Support Operation for Households Operating in Informal Sector

The ministry of Economy, Finance and Administration Reform announced, on Friday, the provisional support operation for households operating in the informal sector impacted by the state of health emergency declared to combat the spread of the pandemic of the new coronavirus (Covid-19).
“The Economic Watch Committee (CVE), convened on Monday 23 March, focused on accompanying measures in favour of the informal sector directly impacted by mandatory containment. Due to the complexity and scope of the problem, it was decided to deal with it in two phases,” the ministry said in a statement.
In the first phase, households benefiting from the Medical Assistance Plan (RAMED) operating in the informal sector and who no longer have an income as a result of compulsory confinement are eligible for subsistence assistance, which will be provided by the special Fund for the management of Covid-19, set up by HM King Mohammed VI, the same source added.
This assistance is distributed to households of two persons or less, households of three to four persons and households of more than four persons, said the ministry.
In the second phase, non-ramedists, operating in the informal sector who have lost their income due to confinement, will benefit from the same amounts of aid.

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