Accused of treason, James Inhofe claims to defend the RASD ghost

The Coronavirus is, of course, a calamity that causes great harm to all of humanity. But it is not only harmful and harmful. Its implications are also positive.

This is the case, among others, of James Inhofe, the American senator who claims to defend human causes, like the unfounded claims of the Polisario separatists, when this pandemic revealed the truth of this politician of the world superpower.

At the end of this planetary catastrophe James Inhofe is accused of treason against the background of the Coronavirus crisis by the people of the United States of America. he is accused of having used illegal and illicit means and methods to titrate profit from this epidemic which is spreading at high speed in the four corners of the world and more particularly in the united states of america which register to date a number of people with Covid-19 and thus occupies the third position after China and Italy.

Also, one wonders that such a thug allows himself to defend causes doomed to failure both upstream and downstream.

There is no logical argument for this senator’s position; it is motivated only by personal interest – pecuniary -. James Inhofe is just a corrupt man serving mercenaries as corrupt as he is.

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