Death of a gendarme in Tindouf following violent clashes

The Smara camp in Tindouf experienced an uncontrollable anarchy this Thursday following clashes between protesters of the tribe (ouled Tedrarine) and on the other side of the police. Police and gendarmes intervened manu militari at a party held in the presence of officials from the separatist front. At the end of this violence, a gendarme was killed.

This rebellion still continues in an atmosphere of worry, anguish and dread.

The atrocious crimes suffered by the Sahrawi detainees in the shame camps in Tindouf should incite world public opinion to put an end to the suffering of thousands of innocent people imprisoned by force by separatist soldiers and their Almoradia mentor that the people Algerian always asks him to put the key under the mat.

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