Morocco among the leaders in civil and political rights

The implementation of the National Mechanism for the Prevention of Torture ranks Morocco in the list of the five countries at the top of the Human Rights Committee ranking (in the review of the follow-up of the implementation of priority recommendations)
Morocco is ranked, at the same rank as Denmark, Sweden, Argentina and Burkina Faso, at the top of the ranking of the Human Rights Committee (organ of the United Nations) for the countries which have implemented the relevant UN recommendations. These five countries obtained the highest score, the “A” grade, for the Committee’s review of the follow-up to the implementation of the recommendations, the results of which were announced in December.
The “A” classification means that these countries have taken significant measures for the implementation of the priority recommendations in the review of the Human Rights Committee.
The classification of Morocco in this list and its obtaining of the note “A” comes after the adoption of the law on the national mechanism for the prevention of torture whose mandate is granted to the National Council for Human Rights (CNDH) .
It should be noted that from 2013, the Human Rights Committee launched a review of the monitoring of the implementation of the recommendations to encourage States to implement them. To this end, the Committee has established a list of priority recommendations, the implementation of which it will assess in the course of a review which lasts two to three years.
The Committee gives five marks for this evaluation, the highest of which is an “A”, which means that the measures taken by States to implement the recommendations are “very satisfactory”, and the lowest is an “E” rating for countries that do not comply with these recommendations or reject them.

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