Morocco, a soft power

The kingdom of Morocco continues to strengthen its position as an important partner all over the world thanks to the profound changes initiated by King Mohamed VI. In fact, the methodology advocated by the sovereign since his accession to the throne to interact with the requirements of modern state foundations at the economic, social, cultural, or in terms of rights. This policy has comforted the position of the Kingdom of Morocco on the continental and international scale so that Morocco is more and more coveted by many countries as a strategic partner of first rank.

Years of lead up to the time of the instance of equity and reconciliation and the centrality of power to advanced regionalization, and the grouping of major projects in a few regions to their generalization throughout the national territory as well as the recourse to the use of classical technology to the launching of sophisticated satellites, in addition to the emancipation of women and the cultural promotion and values ​​of tolerance, aroused the admiration of everyone and made the Kingdom of Morocco a big caliber not to say a soft power as evidenced by the election of Mr. Boudra, mayor of the city of Al-Hoceima, head of the Organization United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG-World)

Anyone following the evolution of Morocco since the enthronement of Mohammed VI notes that the constraints facing Morocco do not prevent the sovereign from completing the construction of the local development project like the project “Al Hoceima Manarat Al Moutawassit “as an example. The goal is to build a strong, prosperous and democratic state that can meet popular expectations, including decent living conditions.

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