Spanish warning to red in the Tindouf camps

 (Cadena Ser) the State Security Services confirmed that the risk was real as was exposed by the CNI at the meeting of the Security Committee held yesterday to assess the terrorist alert reported by the French service. According to the source, the bombing that was eminent was to be carried out by three vehicles to […]

Spanish citizens must not travel to Tindouf, a minefield of terrorists

The Spanish MAEC advises against its nationals to go to the Tindouf camps because of information described as “reliable about an attack in a state of advanced preparation” against Spanish citizens and interests in the region, according to information facilitated by services operating in the country. Sahel. This information directly signals the Islamic State of […]

Spain gives reverse blow to SADR

In order for its citizens not to expose their lives to possible dangers and not to be victims of terrorist attacks, Spain warned them not to go to Tindouf with another argument of authority. Indeed, the Spanish authorities explain this warning of their citizens by the high tension prevailing in northern Mali or criminals are […]

Morocco, a soft power

The kingdom of Morocco continues to strengthen its position as an important partner all over the world thanks to the profound changes initiated by King Mohamed VI. In fact, the methodology advocated by the sovereign since his accession to the throne to interact with the requirements of modern state foundations at the economic, social, cultural, […]

Paris: the act of profanation of the national flag always arouses indignation

The momentum of condemnation and indignation continues throughout Europe, following the acts of profanation of the national flag during a demonstration in Paris. Several thousand Moroccans, especially from France and Belgium, spontaneously demonstrated today at the Place du Trocadero in Paris to celebrate the 44th anniversary of the Green March and strongly condemn “this slippage […]

King Mohammed VI Says Autonomy Initiative Is Only Way Towards Settlement of Moroccan Sahara Conflict

King Mohammed VI said that the autonomy initiative is the only way forward towards a settlement of the Moroccan Sahara conflict, guaranteeing full respect for the Kingdom’s national unity and territorial integrity. ” Autonomy Initiative provides for that solution, given that it is not only serious and credible, but also rooted in sound principles. It […]