The Polisario is vainly engaged in a showdown against the USA

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The Polisario rallied the international companion against Donald Trump for the sanctions he imposed on Venezuela through the signature of his ambassador in Cuba on the register of the said companion.

This rallying of the Polisario to the companion is consequent to the publication of an article on the columns of Wall Street Journal containing precise information reported by sources with the American administration which confirms the categorical refusal of Donald Trump that the question of the Sahara another way than that of the UN.

And when the Polisario’s attitude widens the gap between the phantom entity and the White House, this attitude will surely strengthen the position of Morocco supported by the US, in terms of Morocco’s efforts to development of its Sahara thanks to investments in various fields; to reach a final and fair solution guaranteed by self-determination.

Moreover, the adherence of the Polisario, a Marxist group linked to regional terrorism, as the Wall Street Journal points out, to socialist states refusing the policy of Donald Trump vis-à-vis Venezuela, is a faithful attachment to the ideology of this separatist movement; doctrine of Marxist thought.

The blackmail of the Polisario is vain and ridiculous.

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