Publication of “The King: Morocco of Mohammed VI” retracing the leadership of the King of Morocco

This 260-page book is not a book “report” on the twenty years of reign of Mohammed VI. It is rather a report reflecting the current situation but also recent developments in Morocco in recent years, according to a statement released on Tuesday.

The originality of this book, according to its authors, “is the analysis of the events that shape modern Morocco, proposed by two authors who have been living in the kingdom for a long time”.

Composed from lived situations and testimonies, the authors wanted to draw a fair and balanced portrait of the country, the most objective possible, on the difficulties but also on the many Moroccan successes.

Morocco’s first diplomat, Mohammed VI has launched in recent years an unprecedented campaign of presence and development in Africa. Close to the courts of Spain and England, as comfortable with Putin as with Arab heads of state, he also open door to the Elysee. How does he hope to obtain a general consensus on the Sahara?

Mohammed VI is certainly the most progressive of all the current leaders of Muslim countries. Its authority is based on contemporary values, in constant evolution, to ensure Morocco’s transition to more modernity. Sovereign of a complex kingdom, he reigns without real visible clashes with an Islamist majority in his government. What future vision is he pursuing?

Finally, the King imposes his own style. Avant-garde modernity and sincere taste for the arts and letters, accompanied by a singular political skill. How can he manage all those Moroccans and foreigners who are trying to make Morocco their playground?

Born in Oran, after the independence of Algeria, Valérie Morales-Attias is a journalist living in Casablanca for more than twenty years. She was Executive Director of Luxe Radio and Editor-in-Chief of Citadine. She is now a columnist at the Moroccan Diplomatic monthly and author of novels, essays and beautiful books …

As a reminder, Guillaume Jobin, a native of Le Havre, is president of the Paris School of Journalism and resides between Rabat and Paris. Author of “Lyautey, The Resident”, “Mohamed V, The Sultan”, “Route of Zaers” and “Road of Anfa”.

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