Mohammed VI: Visionary King

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Writers, academics, and strategy analysts testify through their various publications that it is thanks to the insight and wisdom of King Mohammed VI that Morocco has established milestones and pillars that have made Morocco during these years. 20 last year a country of weight, a big caliber and a lighthouse that illuminates its regional and continental or international environment.

In his book entitled “Mohammed VI or the Visionary Monarchy”, Charles Saint-Prot emphasized the image of cooperation between Paris and Rabat during the reign of Mohammed VI, while emphasizing the achievements of Morocco during the past two decades. without forgetting the historical course of Morocco and France which arouses great interest thanks to the will of the royal dynasties French and Moroccan millennia. This desire according to the author has confirmed excellent relations notwithstanding some punctual summer clouds.

In the same vein, Abdallah Oueld Mhamdi, Mauritanian journalist writer author of the book “Morocco and Africa: Vision of a King” praised the policy initiated by King Mohammed VI on an African scale. He recalled the trips made by the sovereign in several African states to send a message to the African elites in order to federate the continental synergies in order to unify the vision and harmonize the actions for a strong, modern and democratic Africa.

In the same vein, Aymeric chauprade advised Marine Le Pen will soon published a book titled “political geography of the king” focused mainly on foreign policy initiated by Mohammed VI and more particularly on Moroccan diplomacy at the African level; diplomacy backed by a win-win policy.

These publications will surely enrich the archives dedicated to the commitment of King Mohammed VI and for the realization of large projects with a human dimension that could be the subject of PhD theses.

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