The Polisario, a Marxist group, linked to regional terrorism

At a time when the international community is working to extinguish the foci of tension and restore peace and security, the Polisario continues to pose a serious threat to stability in North Africa and the Sahel.
The Polisario is a Marxist group linked to regional terrorism, reports The Wall Street Journal in its Sunday delivery.
In a video testimony accompanying an article on the Sahara issue, journalist Dion Nissenbaum discusses the genesis of this separatist movement of Marxist obedience and the threats posed by the non-settlement of the Sahara issue for peace and stability .
The security situation in the region makes the conflict an emergency to resolve, reminds the American daily.
This reality is widely accepted by US policymakers. The administration of President Donald Trump, who is on several fronts to face the terrorist threat, is attentive to the situation in the Sahara and Sahel region.
Aware of the dangers posed by the ghostly Rasd, the White House is determined to put an end to this conflict, according to the daily, which nevertheless notes that the ongoing dynamics under the auspices of the United Nations is the safest and cheapest option for result in a consensual outcome.
The United States “are clear, they will not support a plan that leads to the creation of a new African state,” notes the prestigious publication.
 “A new state in Africa may actually be less safe. If you try to establish a new country, it could create an area that insurgents and groups like ISIS could take advantage of and use as a refuge, “said the journalist in a video accompanying his analysis, noting that Washington and Rabat share the same position in this regard.
Citing Western and Moroccan officials, the author assures that the United States is supporting Morocco privately on the Sahara issue.
For the United States, independence is not an option for settling the dispute over the Moroccan Sahara, says the American daily The Wall Street Journal.

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