Mustapha Azimani

Thank you His Majesty, you have filled our hearts with joy, for allowing your country, the Kingdom of Morocco, to return to its place which befits him among his African brothers, which ennobles us all: all the Moroccan people pay tribute to you the occasion of this long-awaited and glorious masterly event and finally you won in Addis Ababa, whose echoes so strong and powerful that they swept all the Mediterranean coasts, touching the south pole, a noble act which is inscribed in the golden pages of human history; worthy of the great men that nothing stops them to do good for the beneficial interest of their nations, so your majesty has shown the whole world a legendary courage and will in the realization of this project which was close to your heart and also to the Moroccans and Moroccans who are proud of their valiant ruler, and so by your wisdom that we know you have done everything to take the place that falls to us in our African family, whole, which adds and under your aegis to others achievements that have lived, the serene eye, and which constitute the solid bases of the development of this generous country which is Morocco.
May God protect our Sovereign, the Royal Family and the Moroccan people.

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