Video. 20 years of rule: A Paraguayan radio informs about the achievements of the Kingdom of Morocco

Paraguayan Radio (970 am) has broadcast a program on Morocco’s rise since the accession of King Mohammed VI to the throne.

This program led by experts has shed light on the achievements and achievements of Morocco during the reign of Mohammed VI during the last 20 years.

These experts, while praising the progress of the kingdom have highlighted the major projects structuring the main drivers of economic growth, the improvement of the basic technical infrastructure and the development of transport logistics without failing to emphasize the strategy. initiated by the sovereign to contain social issues (education, vocational education and training, health, housing and transport). The participants in this program also highlighted the efforts made by the Kingdom of Morocco in terms of freedom of expression and protection of human rights.

The importance that the Latin American media attaches to the Kingdom of Morocco, like this Paraguayan radio program, is explained by the Moroccan diplomatic breakthrough piloted by the sovereign, in Latin America which continues sucked in this sub-continent. as evidenced by the positions taken by many Latin countries that have withdrawn their recognition to the ghostly SADR and have severed all relations with the separatist front. to recall that these wise and constructive decisions are in line with the efforts of the Secretary-General of the United Nations to reach a mutually acceptable political solution; Realistic fair, viable and sustainable.

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