20 years of rule: Mohammed VI embellishes the image of Morocco

The return of the Kingdom of Morocco to the African Union to reoccupy its vacant seat has proved to be of major importance both politically and economically for Morocco, its African friends as well as the rest of the world.

This triumphal return of Morocco to its African fold, warmly praised all over the world and warmly applauded by world public opinion, benefits several African countries that have renounced self-destructive conflicts and have agreed to dialogue and concert with a view to unifying their vision and harmonizing their actions in order to lay the foundations for a global and sustainable socio-economic development in an atmosphere of cordiality, fraternity, friendship and peace.

Thus, the journeys that led the ruler in several African countries to talk with heads of state on various issues, especially economic and with African religious authorities to address religious issues, have allowed Morocco to boost its already existing relationships and to sign new bilateral and multilateral partnership and cooperation The overarching goal is to overcome the constraints and challenges facing the African continent in order to meet the demands of this world in perpetual transmutations.

In this spirit of Africa, the sovereign spared no effort to mobilize the necessary means and put in place appropriate and efficient actions for a rational and judicious exploitation of the African wealth for the benefit of the populations; important emerging consumer market.

This openness to the world also led King Mohammed VI to India, China and Russia to strengthen Morocco’s relations with its countries in addition to strengthening relations with Turkey; one of the main partners of Morocco in terms of trade.

Morocco, which still maintains good relations with the European Union, enjoys the status of good neighborly relations and only improves relations with this union which has once again reiterated fisheries and agricultural agreements and supports the thesis Moroccan with regard to its Sahara.

Moreover Mohammed VI, King of Morocco and Chairman of the Al Quds Committee plays an important role in Middle East; first of all with regard to the Palestinian question and must the solicitude surround the holy city of Al Quds and its historical monuments including places of worship as evidenced by the donation he made for the development of the mosque Al Aksa. the neutral and wise position of the sovereign vis-à-vis the dispute between Qatar and certain countries of the golf has proved efficient especially as the monarch of Morocco invites his Arab brothers to dispel conflicts to unite, to fraternise and to become united without immunizing oneself in the internal affairs.

This esteem enjoyed by King Mohammed VI on a regional, continental and international scale was fiercely manifested once more during the commemoration of the centenary of the armistice of the First World War, when the sovereign was in first place with the heads of state of the great nations.

The assistance of the sovereign to this commemoration is a significant message addressed to the international community to testify to the commitment of the Kingdom of Morocco for peace, stability and the influence of great human values.

Another important testimony that proves the qualities of the sovereign who defends great values ​​and preaches virtue is only the visit of the Pope to Morocco and the pecuniary contribution of King Mohammed VI for the reconstruction of the cathedral Notre Damme de Paris.

The wisdom and perspicacity of the sovereign also led him to Latin America to strengthen his relations with his traditional friends and won the sympathy of new countries that have entered into cooperation agreements with Morocco, renounced the Algerian thesis and withdrew their recognition to the phantom republic of the separatists.

This retrospective look at a period of 20 years of reign of Mohammed VI that we present to our readers is only partial and superficial. The commitment of the King of Morocco both in Africa and elsewhere and more important and the next day, without pouring into a smug optimism will surely be even better for Moroccans and especially the common man.

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