Mohammed VI, after 20 years of reign

Since his enthronement on July 30, 1999, King Mohammed VI has continued to make commendable initiatives at the national, continental and international levels by backing his actions with a humanitarian approach.

Internally, the sovereign, noting the great disparities between the regions of the kingdom that was considered, with the exception of the axis Casa-Rabat as peripheral and useless territory, decided to make these regions, marginalized by the past, real economic poles like the great Casablanca that monopolized the national economy.

Thus, in the beginning two regions were surrounded, in this frame of infinite royal solicitude. Tangier-Med (north) and Med-East (eastern) have benefited from important projects to structure the fields of tourism of agriculture, agribusiness and industry besides the promotion of the services and the setting up of mechanisms of financing for the emergence of induced effects. The Sahara region of southern Morocco is not the rest.

In addition, the monarch of Morocco gave his high directives so that the national strategies (plan Emergence, plan Azur, plan Green and plan Rawaj) are declined at the level of each region according to its specificities and its assets. In addition, the sovereign has launched a great infrastructure road, port, airport and rail to open up all areas of the kingdom and interconnect internally and internationally to the best standards of speed, frequency and competitiveness. This interconnection has been strengthened by the development of NICTs besides the satellites including Mohammed VI A and B in the various uses will benefit not only Morocco but other friends and brothers countries.

In parallel with these major structuring projects, King Mohammed VI opened important projects to rethink the education and justice sectors without omitting the constitutional reform to promote human rights and freedom of expression. expression to make Morocco a modern, strong and democratic state. In the same vein, the Sovereign gave his main orientations to promote the employability of young people and women and to facilitate their access to decision-making spheres in the political and economic spheres without any discrimination. In a more general context, King Mohammed VI constantly insists on bringing closer the administration of the citizens and the improvement of the public services while encouraging the investment and more particularly in the human potential.

And to give more captivity, attractiveness and competitiveness to all regions a vast program of upgrading and urban requalification has been launched in all major cities, urban centers, and rural communities who have refined their topography .

INDH programs, which required significant investment, have improved the living conditions and conditions of thousands of needy families.

In sum, the judicious political choices of King Mohammed VI, his perspicacity and his foresight are in the process of raising the kingdom to the tune of a great nation worthy of respect and esteem as evidenced by the large number of countries that, strongly convinced of the win-win policy initiated by the sovereign, have pacted several conventions of cooperation and bilateral and multilateral partnership and this obviously, thanks to the commitment of the King of Morocco both at the continental level after the return of Morocco to the African Union that which we will soon discuss.

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