King Mohammed VI Opens New Radiology and Medical Center for Police Officials

King Mohammed VI inaugurated on Wednesday a new radiology and medical analysis centre in Agdal, Rabat. The centre will provide services to active and retired members of the national police force and their families.

Moroccan police force members and their families benefit from the Police Force Health Insurance which is “one of the more dynamic insurance policies,” states the National Fund of Social Welfare Organizations (CNOPS).

The new centre is built on three storeys and includes a radiology center, a medical analysis laboratory and a day hospital.

The radiology center provides for dental radiology, ultrasound imaging, digital mammography, bone densitometry and magnetic resonance imaging.

The medical analysis laboratory provides for sampling, microbiology, immuno-hematology and immunology, as well as hematology units.

The laboratory includes a biochemistry unit for both routine examinations (like liver, kidney and blood testing) and specialized examinations (including hormone testing, fertility testing and infectious serology).
The day hospital has eight individual rooms for medical consultations and outpatient treatments.

The center employs four physicians of different medical specialties, eight laboratory technicians, four radiology technicians, four sampling anaesthetists, four nurses, four administrative managers and ten support workers.
It expands the services and benefits provided by the Moroccan government to members of the police force and their families.

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