Launch of the Mohammed VI-B satellite: positive reactions

In the night from Tuesday to Wednesday, November 20-21, 2018 all eyes were focused on kourou of Guyana from where was launched the satellite Mohammed VI-B, second of the Moroccan space program.

the event was favorably hosted by Moroccan and foreign experts as well as ordinary people all over the world.

Indeed, the reactions observed just after the launch of this second satellite express a great satisfaction and pour into optimism. Observers argue their satisfaction the many services that can make this advanced technology decided by King Mohammed VI who follows closely.

In fact, the use of this satellite will enable Morocco to improve the applications of mapping and cadastral activities, the preservation and better exploitation of natural resources as well as an efficient management of natural disasters.

In addition to this civilian aspect, which will contribute to the sustainable and global socio-economic development coveted by the Moroccan, Maghreb and African people, the use of this satellite will be extended to territorial surveillance to counter terrorism and regulate migratory movements.

Moreover, the positive impact of this technological feat will serve not only the interests of the kingdom of Morocco but it can also benefit the African and European countries, strategic partners of Morocco.

It should be noted that this royal initiative has been warmly welcomed not only for its positive impact on the people but also because it represents a great challenge that the Kingdom of Morocco has raised.

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