To raise Morocco to the pitch of the space nation

The launch in orbit of the second Mohammed VI-B satellite on November 21, 2018 will certainly strengthen the position of the Kingdom of Morocco as a space force. This project, wanted by King Mohammed VI is a high-end technological achievement that will allow the Morocco to know better tomorrow.

In fact, this space feat will ensure Morocco better surveillance of the territory and a judicious exploitation of its natural wealth: agricultural, pastoral, fisheries and mining.

Indeed, the acquisition of this important space technology is able to serve mapping and cadastral applications, prevention against natural disasters and boost all economic areas. In addition, this advanced space technology will enable Morocco to strengthen the fight against terrorism and regulate migratory movements.

It should also be noted that the acquisition of this second satellite benefits not only the kingdom of Morocco but also the countries brothers and friends of the kingdom as well as its strategic partners all over the world.

This is why all knowledgeable people warmly welcome this grandiose project initiated by King Mohammed VI.

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