King Mohammed VI refines Morocco’s space strategy

Following the launch of the Mohammed VI-A satellite on 7 November 2017, Morocco will launch a second satellite on 21 November 2018; in this case, the Earth observation satellite Mohammed VI-B in the Kourou space base in French Guiana by the Arianespace operator.

This strategic feat, which is part of the space program decided by King Mohammed VI, will enable the Kingdom of Morocco to strengthen its position in the era of modern technology and to accommodate the demands and constraints of a world. in full and profound mutation.

In fact this space project, advanced technological infrastructure, will ensure the Kingdom of Morocco the development of applications with high added value in all areas of economic growth. It will survive cartographic and cadastral activities, spatial planning, monitoring of agricultural and silvo-agropastoral activities as well as the prevention and management of natural disasters.

This obvious sucess is just one example of a variety of projects initiated by King Mohammed VI at the national, continental and international levels in a framework of bilateral and multilateral cooperation in addition to the major international events hosted by Morocco. for the development of the African continent, the fight against terrorism or the promotion of immigration …. .

This policy, the commitment of King Mohammed VI, highly praised internationally as evidenced by the participation of the sovereign in Paris last Sunday at the commemoration of the centenary of the armistice of the First World War, confers esteem and respect to the monarch of Morocco.

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