Here follows a statement by the Royal Office.
“HM King Mohammed VI received today at the Royal Palace in Rabat, the head of government and the minister of Health.

During this audience, HM the King was informed of the first actions envisaged by the government in implementation of the High Royal Guidelines contained in the latest Speeches of the Throne Day and the opening of Parliament, relating to the health sector. These include, in particular, the remediation of deficiencies in the implementation of the RAMED medical coverage Program and a major overhaul of the national health system.

Despite the constant growth of its beneficiaries, the RAMED program, generalized in 2012, faces several constraints and shortcomings that limit its effectiveness and its ability to meet the needs of targeted categories, particularly the poorest and most vulnerable people.

Moreover, despite the efforts made, citizens continue to suffer from the many limitations of the current national health system, particularly in terms of imbalance in the provision of care at the territorial level, the quality of the service provided as well as medical and paramedical supervision.

During this audience, the Sovereign was informed of the first conclusions of the inter-ministerial technical commission set up for this purpose.

On this occasion, HM the King gave His High Instructions to continue the reflection on the various reform scenarios under consideration, in coordination with the departments and organizations concerned, in particular the ministries of the Interior and Economy and Finance.

In this regard, the Sovereign reaffirmed His High Solicitude towards the health sector and professionals, and the Royal willingness to see this vital sector rapidly gain in efficiency and profoundly improve its functioning as well as the quality of the services provided; with the aim being that citizens begin to perceive concrete improvements as soon as the action plan currently being developed is implemented”.

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