King Mohammed VI : Morocco’s Decision to Return to AU Dictated by Commitment to Development Dynamic in Continent

The decision of Morocco to return to its African institutional family was dictated by its commitment to development dynamic in the continent, said King Mohammed VI.
“Our return to the African Union was dictated by the pride we take in belonging to Africa, as well as by our commitment to share in the development dynamic it is witnessing and to contribute to tackling the various challenges facing the Continent, without compromising our legitimate rights and best interests,” said HM the King in a speech to the Nation on the 43rd anniversary of the glorious Green March, underlining that this decision was based on clarity and ambitious goals.

“Morocco’s return to its institutional family was not intended as a means to defend the question of the Moroccan Sahara, given that the position of most African nations is similar to ours,” the sovereign underlined.

The monarch commended, in this regard, the recent decisions made by the AU Summit of Heads of State and Government, held in Nouakchott, “which were consistent with the relevant international positions and principles.”

“This constructive attitude means wisdom and far-sightedness have prevailed. It also constitutes a break with ploys that used to proliferate within the African Union. Because of these practices, Africa and African peoples lost precious time that should have been devoted to promoting development and integration,” the King underscored.

“In the same spirit, Morocco will invest in effective, wealth-generating economic partnerships with all countries and economic blocs, including the European Union,” the monarch noted, saying that, however, “we shall not be involved in any partnership that undermines our country’s territorial integrity.”

“I am keen to make sure these partnerships benefit directly the inhabitants of the Moroccan Sahara first and foremost, and that they contribute to improving their livelihoods within their homeland, in an environment characterized by freedom and a dignified life,” the King affirmed.

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