King Mohammed VI , Commander of the Faithful, Launches ‘Addourous Alhadithia’, a Royal Initiative to Disseminate Prophet Authentic Word on Large Scale

King Mohammed VI, Commander of the Faithful, accompanied by HRH Crown Prince Moulay El Hassan, launched Friday at the headquarters of the National Radio and TV Company (SNRT), the lectures of Radio Mohammed VI of the Holy Quran, on Al-Hadith Ash-Sharif, “Addourous Al Hadithia”.
This program is part of royal instructions to enlighten people concerning the authentication of the prophet’s tradition and words, and their protection as a second source of Islam.

On this occasion, the King okayed the recording and broadcasting of the inaugural lecture given by secretary general of the higher Ulema council, professor Mohamed Yssef.

The said program seeks to develop the religious unit of the Moroccan nation and shield it against attempts to falsify the tradition and words of prophet Mohammad (PBUH).

The higher Ulema council and the Al-Quarwiyine University (Dar Al-Hadith Al-Hassaniya) are tasked with the scientific implementation of this program. The broadcasting and the technical side will be the charge of the Mohammed VI TV channel for holy Quran “Assadissa” and the Radio Mohammed VI of the Holy Quran.

The lectures will either provide guidance by a Hadith expert or be interactive given by a similar expert accompanied by a TV or radio host to answer questions by the audience on the degree of the authenticity of Hadiths.

These lectures will be broadcast simultaneously on Assadissa TV channel, Radio Mohammed VI of the Holy Quran, the internet and social networks.

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