Unemployment: King Mohammed VI Urges Government to Create New Vocational Training Programs

An education committee met Monday to discuss how to increase youth employment through vocational training centers.

The committee, chaired by King Mohammed VI, reported on its progress on the new plan for youth employment and training, According to the Maghreb Arab Press (MAP)

The session included updates on the restructuring of vocational training, the creation of new training centers, the generalization of vocational counseling, and the reinforcement of youth entrepreneurship programs.
King Mohammed VI gave instructions for the design and direct implementation of youth projects.

The projects will focus on creating new training programs for sectors with high economic potential and upgrading trainings in more traditional sectors, such as handicrafts or agriculture.

The meeting also emphasized reinforcing vocational trainings in the health sector.

The projects will also implement new short-term training programs of about four months. The programs will aim to assist young people working in the informal sector, to strengthen their technical and language skills and to include them in the formal sector.
The Hassan II Fund for Economic and Social Development will fund the projects, which will be elaborated upon and implemented by the committee in three weeks, according to MAP.

The meeting followed Amzazi’s presentation of the new educational plan on September 17, and echoes the July 29 royal speech that focused on education and the Moroccan youth. It also came as a continuation of the government’s recent efforts to promote and improve vocational trainings, job diversification, and youth employment.

The government has collaborated with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) which has created six career centers in Morocco.

The meeting, held Monday, was attended by Saad Eddine El Othmani, head of the government, Said Amzazi, education minister, Abdelwafi Laftit, interior minister, Omar Azziman, chairman of the Higher Council of Education, Training, and Scientific Research, and Fouad Ali El Himma, an advisor to the King.

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