The thesis of Algeria and Polisarion stripped bare in Oujda

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Luis Aguero Wagner historian, journalist and writer from Paraguay presented Saturday 29 September 2018 in Oujda his book titled “The Moroccan Sahara, Beyond the Western Sahara” this work, composed in spanish needed four long years of hard labour to be completed, 2 years dedicated to research and investigation in France,Algeria and Morocco, with the collaboration of professor Logan, and two years for writing all the collected information, is a great testimony that confirms without any doubt, none that the Sahara is Moroccan.Indeed, the author reports historical facts puts forward authoritative arguments that doesn’t leave any doubt about the “Moroccanity” of the Sahara, among wich the alliegeance links of the Sahara’s tribes to the sultans of the Moroccan kingdom.Incidentally, the author strips bare the support of NGOs operating from latin America, bribed and financed by the Algerian government, to confirm the opinions of separatists.These NGOs spread erroneous informations and fabricated lies to manipulate the latin public opinion.Aguero didn’t miss the chance to point out the sequestrations disparities and the suffering that detained people endure in the so called “The jail of shame” located in Tindouf. The author refutes the claims of separatists and of their partners from the circle of Almoradiya.The author also fleshed out the verdict of the International Court of Justice. The presentation of the book in Oujda, a city bordering Algeria left a great impact and the president of the Council of the Eastern Region promised the translation of the book to arabic.

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