Oujda: no to the phobia of immigration

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At the end of the of its activities the first international forum on immigration in partnership with the consul of the eastern region Friday the 28th of September, in Oujda all the constituent parts part of the civil society and to a multiplicity of national actors (Government, parliament….)as well as to international institutions(ONU,World Bank group IMF, NGOs).This call is simply the final declaration of Oujda it recommends establishing appropriated to seize the opportunity of immigration, , and thereafter generate wealth and promote the universal heritage, to encourage universities and research centers to deepen the research around the question of immigration with a humanitarian dimension and also to accelerate the pace of the labour undertook in the field, with a goal in perspective, reduce the disparities that exist between countries, the ultimate ambition being a better channeling of migratory flux.Other recommendations underlined the necessity of paying meticulous attention to the immaterial capital, an attention directed toward the creation of riches and also to devote all the efforts to sanctify the universal identity of the world’s citizen, leaned on respect diversity, cohabitation and tolerance.
The final declaration of Oujda recommends also to encourage the countries enrolled in the dynamic of integration like Morocco, the declaration also salutes the instructions of our Majesty Mohammed VI the instigator of the Moroccan politic of immigration and also the insertion of school programs, and the reinforcement of the culture of immigration, to prompt the future generations and incite them to perceive the positive impact of diversity in society and to give strong and tangibles signals to prevent the immigration phobia.

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