Presentation of the book “The Moroccan Sahara…Beyond The Eastern Sahara” in Oujda, a city in the border of Algeria

Saturday 29 septembre 2018 The academecian an scholar Luis Aguero Wagner Journalist, renowed historian and writer Famous for his unflinshing neutrality is going to present his book in Oujda, a city in the border of Algeria, entitled “The Moroccan Sahara…Beyond The Eastern Sahara”.The author reports historical facts that serve as evidence for the indestructible link that unites the Moroccan monarchs to the Sahraoui population and the ties of allegiance that kept them tied together. These reported facts not only give evidence of the fact that the Sahara belongs without a doubt to Morocco, but exposes also the claims polisario’s separatists and their acolytes from Algeria who envy the progress that Morocco has accomplished and is accomplishing.
This book is a great and interesting document and should be on the reading list of every truth seeker.

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