Oujda matches the requirements of migration

It’s under the label “Immigration and the valorization of the immaterial capital” organized by the Immaterial Capital Center in partnership with the Council of the Eastern Region, Friday the 28th of september 2018, an initiative that has been saluted unanimously.Hundreds of persons attended the event, including the Wali of the city of Oujda, academics, and […]

Presentation of the book “The Moroccan Sahara…Beyond The Eastern Sahara” in Oujda, a city in the border of Algeria

Saturday 29 septembre 2018 The academecian an scholar Luis Aguero Wagner Journalist, renowed historian and writer Famous for his unflinshing neutrality is going to present his book in Oujda, a city in the border of Algeria, entitled “The Moroccan Sahara…Beyond The Eastern Sahara”.The author reports historical facts that serve as evidence for the indestructible link […]

Kudlow says Trump has ‘not been satisfied’ with China trade talks, tariff announcement coming soon

Top White House economic advisor Larry Kudlow said Monday that President Donald Trump has “not been satisfied” with the trade talks with China and confirmed the administration was readying additional tariffs. “The president has suggested tariffs on a couple $100 billion” in Chinese goods, said Kudlow, the director of the National Economic Council. “He has […]