Polisario Accused of New Diversions of Humanitarian Aid

The misappropriation of international humanitarian aid for the people of Tindouf camps is no longer a mystery, to the point that one of the Polisario clans did not hesitate to denounce publicly the voracity of his rivals who have better served in the precious booty.

According to futurosahara.net, a site close to a clan of the separatist front supported by Algeria, While it is out of stock in the Rabbouni depots, supposed to distribute it free to the inhabitants of the camps, the gofio, a flour of corn from the Canary Islands, which is a staple food for separatists, was found Tuesday, August 28, over-the-counter, and in large quantities, in Algerian grocery Tindouf at the price of 250 Algerian dinars, or 1 , 2 euro for the package of one kilogram.

The aforementioned media adds that some grocers have refused that the product be photographed, proof if it is that it is an international aid that was diverted as usual by the Algerian and Polisario officials.

This is not the first time that this rapine organized by some notables Polisario at the expense of a desperate population, is revealed in broad daylight. Already in February 2015, a report by the European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF) revealed the scandal of the massive and systematic diversion of international humanitarian aid intended for the population of the Tindouf camps.

After a long and thorough investigation, OLAF showed how the hijackings were organized as soon as humanitarian aid arrived at the Algerian port of Oran. From there, a chain of Algerian officials and Polisario dignitaries came into play to determine the destination of the shipments. “An important part of humanitarian aid (…) has been diverted in an organized way for years,” concluded the European anti-fraud office.

In fact, much of the diverted international aid was found in the markets of Algerian cities, even in Mauritania and Mali. It is the income of this juicy booty that the rival clans of the Polisario dispute, not hesitating to leak videos from the inside of the camps, which are nevertheless subject to the implacable control of the separatist front, with the complicit consent of the Algerian leaders .

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