Oujda, capital of the eastern region of Morocco, is committed to the valuation of intangible capital

Many people believe that the immigrant is only a burden that adds to and aggravates the social-economic deficit of the host or transit country. but such apprehension is only an inadmissible aberration. The truth is quite different. The immigrant is a high value-added potential that could contribute to the overall and sustainable development of the host country provided that it facilitates its integration. As noted by Abdenbi Bioui, chairman of the Eastern Region Council, who states that Morocco has given great importance to the issue of immigration as part of the initiative of His Majesty King Mohammed VI concerning the regularization of the situation of immigrants in Morocco; a welcome initiative in the four corners of the world. the eastern region, he continues, is interested in this issue of immigration and it is in this context that the region is home to this international event, stating that the region spares no effort to contribute to any activity in even to contain this problem that is globalizing and preoccupying humanity.
In this impetus, the city of Oujda, the entry point for thousands of sub-Saharan immigrants from Africa and Asia, will host on September 28 and 29, 2018, the first international forum, launched under the sign “immigration and valorization of intangible capital. ”

This international event, organized by the Intangible Capital Center in partnership with the Eastern Regional Council, is intended as a meeting place for intellectual and academic actors, associations, politicians, lawyers and economic operators to exchange ideas and discuss issues. on various issues related to the topic of intangible capital in order to popularize the culture of intangible investment in the context of immigration.

In fact, many immigrants who have regularized their situation in Morocco, have created successful projects generating jobs and wealth.

This international event backed by a vision with a human dimension, will be led by imminent experts from around the world.

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