Police are called to TWO more ‘distressed and panting’ dogs locked in separate sweltering hot cars during 86F heatwave

Four dogs have been rescued from searing hot cars in just two days as temperatures reached a blazing 86F.

Police were called to the rescue of the ‘distressed’ dog locked inside a vehicle at the Cheshire Oaks shopping centre on Monday afternoon.

Onlooker Jason Mcdonnell King said the pet was left inside the car for more than an hour before being let out ‘panting’ and rushed to the vets.

This comes after officers yesterday ‘struggled to breathe’ as the dived in a car and rescued Labradors from an 86F car in York.

On the same day, another dog was left panting and distressed after being locked in a car in Stockton-on-Tees, Durham.
Jason Mcdonnell King said a dog, believed to be a Labrador-cross, was left inside a vehicle in Cheshire for more than 60 minutes before police were called on Monday.

He posted images from the scene on Facebook alongside an image of his car thermostat which showed the temperature had climbed to a blistering 86F (30C).

According to the Chester Chronicle, staff at the Cheshire Oaks shopping park were forced to call police after witnessing the ‘distressed’ dog inside a sweltering hot car on Monday.

Cheshire Police said officers were called to the scene and checked the dog owner before handing the incident over to the RSPCA.

On Tuesday two Labradors were left locked in a vehicle in the car park at York Hospital for 30 minutes.

North Yorkshire Police confirmed no-one has been arrested over the incident, and the investigations were now being carried out by the RSPCA.

The two officers at the scene said they could feel the heat coming from the car during their rescue operation as temperatures in Britain peaked at 86.2F (30.1C).

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