Morocco to Build on its Expertise in Tackling Climate Change to Ensure Success of Congo Basin Commission (HM the King)

The Kingdom of Morocco has rallied behind the ambitious project of the Congo Basin Commission to ensure its success, building on the expertise it has gained in tackling climate change, HM King Mohammed VI pointed out.

“I decided to support this program because it is based on a new paradigm that fulfils current and future needs. It is centered on integrated, inclusive, solidarity-based programs offered by the new blue and green economies,” the Sovereign said in a speech to the 1st Summit of Heads of State and Government of the Climate Commission of the Congo Basin and the Blue Fund for the Congo Basin, which opened on Sunday in Brazzaville.
The monarch, who underlined in this regard “the human dimension” which is a pivotal component of the project, underscored the need to adopt an inclusive and participatory approach that involves the region’s inhabitants.
The aim is to unleash a “beneficial dynamic”, HM the King said, adding that “what is at stake is nothing less than the preservation and development of a precious African heritage: the Congo River.”
The Sovereign recalled the convening of the first Africa Action Summit on the sidelines of COP22, in November 2016, adding that three sub-regional Commissions were set up on this occasion, namely the Sahel Commission, the Island States Commission and the Congo Basin Commission.
HM the King also recalled the several steps taken since the Africa Action Summit. “The Blue Fund was created in Oyo in March 2017. Its operational measures were agreed in Brazzaville in November 2017, and the implementation of the project was fast-tracked in Rabat in March 2018, during a meeting on the terms of reference of the Blue Fund’s preparatory study,” the Sovereign said.
The establishment of the Blue Fund must go hand in hand with the mobilization of economic stakeholders and civil society organizations so that tangible mitigation and adaptation measures may be taken, and climate-resilient development guaranteed, HM the King added.
The Sovereign expressed on this occasion his determination to undertake concrete initiatives that are likely to help safeguard the rights of future generations.
“The Kingdom of Morocco will work resolutely and unremittingly for the implementation of the Continent’s large-scale development projects,” HM the King said.
“The ecological challenge should no longer be seen as a threat, but as an opportunity. That is the significance of our common commitment today – a commitment rooted in the principles of shared responsibility and pan-African solidarity,” the Sovereign added.

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