Mohammed VI boosts South / South cooperationaé

The presence of King Mohammed VI in Congo- Brazzaville as a special guest of the first summit of heads of state and governments of the Congo Basin Commission and the Congo Basin Blue Fund, concretely confirms the role of persecutor of the South / South cooperation backed on a win win policy. It also confirms the belonging of the Kingdom of Morocco and its unwavering commitment to the African continent.

This first summit will also focus on Morocco’s pioneering role in defending the environmental interests of all of Africa. Promoting green economies and fighting climate change.

This continental impetus for which the King of Morocco has pledged is not a mere declaration of intent, but concrete actions of King Mohammed VI, who thus enjoys great respect and esteem for the African peoples, as the have demonstrated fiercely the Congolese who prepare a warm welcome to the monarch of Morocco by brandishing banners to express their great joy for this successful and rewarding royal visit on the economic, human and political levels.

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