Algeria: Tamanrasti protester shot dead by police

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Besides the unbearable devaluation of the Algerian Dinar, which devaluation further aggravated by the fall in the price of oil, the backbone of the Algerian citizen can no longer bear the growing socio-economic deficit.

Today, residents of the commune of Tin Zaouatine (province of Tamanrasset) protested the continued water shortage while chanting outrage slogans. To limit freedom of expression, the centaurs of Al Moradia who preach the defense of human rights and pride themselves on presiding over Algeria in the name of the triumph of democracy and human rights did not hesitate to mobilize the police to disperse the demonstrators manu-militari.

According to informed sources, the results are fraught with consequences. in addition to several wounded, a protester was abominably beaten to death.

Let us hope that the power of Algiers, which has squandered more than a trillion and a half dollars in two decades, becomes obvious and puts the key under the mat.

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