Moroccan Authorities Refute Allegations in AI’s Latest Report and Urge It To Back up Its Content with Evidence

The Moroccan public authorities have categorically refuted the allegations made in the latest report by Amnesty International (AI), calling on the body to provide evidence to back up its content. The public authorities said, in a press release, that they received, on Friday, Mohamed Sektaoui, executive director of AI in Morocco and expressed their surprise […]

Algeria: Tamanrasti protester shot dead by police

Besides the unbearable devaluation of the Algerian Dinar, which devaluation further aggravated by the fall in the price of oil, the backbone of the Algerian citizen can no longer bear the growing socio-economic deficit. Today, residents of the commune of Tin Zaouatine (province of Tamanrasset) protested the continued water shortage while chanting outrage slogans. To […]

The Spanish Supreme Court denies nationality to those born in Western Sáhara during the time of the Spanish Protectorate.

The Supreme Court has established in a judgment that being born in Western Sahara before 1975 does not give entitlement to Spanish nationality of origin, since territory for purposes of nationality cannot be considered as Spain in stadium where he was Spanish colony. The First Chamber of the Supreme Court allowed the appeal brought by […]