The wisdom of the sovereign in the management of the epidemic disaster

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To contain the Covid-19 in Morocco and warn the people of Morocco against this scourge, a global disaster, King Mohammed VI, who follows very closely all the repercussions of this epidemic on a planetary scale, has given his high directives to the Moroccan government so that all preventive and curative measures are taken. In this context Morocco has adopted an efficient strategy in the field of health, employment and social relations.

The sovereign ordered the creation of a fund of 10 billion dirhams to strengthen equipment in health facilities to intensify consultations and analyzes. This fund is also intended to assist the job market.

In addition, King Mohammed VI oversees the continuous supply of the national market with food products while fighting against all forms of speculation.

The commander of the believers, in addition to the closure of schools and universities and public places of entertainment, ordered that the places of worship be closed for an indefinite period.

In short, Mohammed VI Commander of the Believers, who has always committed himself so that serenity and tranquility reign in the kingdom, continues to invest himself completely in the fight against this dangerous epidemic which has gained much ground in the four corners of the world.

In addition, the king continues to urge all officials at all levels to roll up their sleeves and reassure the Moroccan people.

Once again King Mohammed VI, who is called Arab leadership and of great African caliber, shows wisdom and insight to federate all Moroccan synergies to demonstrate citizenship in the face of this devastating plague.

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