Spanish citizens must not travel to Tindouf, a minefield of terrorists

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The Spanish MAEC advises against its nationals to go to the Tindouf camps because of information described as “reliable about an attack in a state of advanced preparation” against Spanish citizens and interests in the region, according to information facilitated by services operating in the country. Sahel. This information directly signals the Islamic State of the Great Sahara (ISIS-GS), of Adnan Abu Ualid al Saharaui -originally of the Sahara The concern of the Spanish Government is not limited to the 100 Spanish co-workers of different NGOs working in the camps from Tindouf in southern Algeria, but also to the many Spanish families who travel during this period to meet the children she cared for as part of the Peace for Peace program. That same Saturday, it is expected that 320 Spaniards will travel to Tindouf aboard two charter flights.

Although the Spanish MAEC warning is general but sources consulted by El Pais claim that the threat is “real, concrete and close” based on reliable sources of intelligence services operating in the area and they indicate “an attack in advanced state of preparation against refugee camps and in particular against Spaniards”

The threat comes in a particularly critical context in the region where Algeria is celebrating December 12 presidential elections in a climate of instability because of massive demonstrations since April 2.

Similarly, on 19 and 21 December, the first congress of FP, the first of the Brahim Ghali era, is scheduled to hold the leadership since July 2016.

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