Spain gives reverse blow to SADR

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In order for its citizens not to expose their lives to possible dangers and not to be victims of terrorist attacks, Spain warned them not to go to Tindouf with another argument of authority.

Indeed, the Spanish authorities explain this warning of their citizens by the high tension prevailing in northern Mali or criminals are preparing to perform terrorist acts in the region with the direct or indirect support of the ghostly SADR which is preparing for its fifteenth congress to be held in No Man’s Land in the presence of international organizations that live, unscrupulously, on behalf of the oppressed Tindouf shame camps, like the senior officials of the military junta Algerian and polisarian as well as mercenaries recruited by the army of SADR and his Algerian mentor.

This fifteenth congress is held, incomprehensibly, or when several countries in the four corners of the world have expelled any representation of the Polisario and renounced the recognition of SADR.

Moreover, this Spanish warning, which is only another slap inflicted on the Polisario, the SADR and Almoradia’s power, is unambiguously no confirmation of the legality and legitimacy of the Moroccan thesis defended by Moroccan diplomacy. thanks to an insightful political vision of King Mohammed VI, who continues to make great efforts at various scales to ensure that this pseudo-conflict reaches an equitable, peaceful and lasting solution and stops the terrorism that the SADR contributes to its recrudescence in the Sahel and in North Africa, or even overseas.

What square decision makers and what rigorous measures should be taken to frame the separatists and their mentors?

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