Royal trust makes Morocco a healthy climate for business

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Morocco achieved a jump of 7 places in the Doing Business 2020 ranking of the World Bank, made public Thursday in Washington, to become the 53rd rank on a global scale.

At the African level, the report notes that Morocco retains its third position behind Mauritius, which ranks 13th in the world, Rwanda (38th), and ahead of Kenya (56th), South Africa (84th), Senegal (123rd) and Nigeria (131st).

This feat is attributed to the insight and foresight of the Moroccan ruler who has allowed Morocco to implement a series of transmutations on the political, economic and social.

Since its inauguration, the King of Morocco has launched major projects structuring the main engines of economic growth and a basic technical infrastructure for roads, ports, airports and railways. These achievements will enable Morocco to reposition itself on the international scene to the best standards of speed, frequency and competitiveness in cruising.

Today, thanks to the leadership of King Mohammed VI, Morocco has become a true model of development, major projects launched by the King, whether at the level of ports, railways or highways, a formidable network transport logistics, FDI is in the process of making the Kingdom an economic hub. The results of this strategy are convincing and presage a better tomorrow, this report shows, highlighting the different achievements and the many achievements of the Kingdom of Morocco.

Moreover, and given the current geopolitical changes to which Morocco stands thanks to the commitment of King Mohammed VI to the African scale to unify the vision for a strong, prosperous and democratic Africa.

In sum, this positive report on the situation in Morocco in terms of business climate is certainly the consequence of the finery and assets that distinguish Morocco but especially the trust enjoyed by King Mohammed VI in the four corners of the world.

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