Mohammed VI-B satellite, for a developed Morocco and Africa

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The launch of the second Mohammed VI-B satellite is a technological feat of great importance.

It consolidates Morocco’s entry into a new space age and will allow it to move forward on all the engines of economic growth and reduce its social deficits.

Indeed, thanks to the improvement of cartographic and cadastral applications, this high-end technological advance will allow Morocco a modern, rational and thoughtful urban expansion, in addition to a judicious exploitation of all its sylvo-agropastoral riches and more particularly the rehabilitation and the preservation of rangelands which are in continuous deterioration and the fish stocks exploited abusively.

In addition, this observation satellite will ensure the Kingdom of Morocco a better management of its maritime heritage. In addition to this socio-economic added value, remote sensing will enable Morocco to contribute efficiently to the control of terrorism and better management of migration flows internally and internationally.

This exploit led by King Mohammed VI is part of the anticipatory vision of the sovereign who continues to make great efforts for a united Africa, strong and modern and a peaceful world.

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