Zimbabwe election: Opposition leader Nelson Chamisa ‘ready to form government’ as vote is too close to call

Zimbabwe’s main opposition leader has said his party is “ready to form the next government” following the country’s first general election since Robert Mugabe was removed from power. Nelson Chamisa, 40, and 75-year-old president Emmerson Mnangagwa were the main contenders in Monday’s election, which several observer groups have said is too close to call. Mr […]

Oujda, capital of the eastern region of Morocco, is committed to the valuation of intangible capital

Many people believe that the immigrant is only a burden that adds to and aggravates the social-economic deficit of the host or transit country. but such apprehension is only an inadmissible aberration. The truth is quite different. The immigrant is a high value-added potential that could contribute to the overall and sustainable development of the […]